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Patiently waiting for YOU looking for I who will at some point become WE has been beyond exhausting

On the journey and running into him and him and him to the point where one has to step back, rethink the direction and then just relinquish any further forward movement

In the moments of pause which goes from hours, into days, into months and then into years, one has time to reflect on what is not only wanted but what is definitely needed when HE who is looking for I which will turn into WE comes to light. He too, who is also in pause, will understand the moment of standing still and why it was hard but necessary as well

In the encounter that will occur, because patience is a virtue, HE who is looking for I will see the exterior of she who is ME and feel the interior which will at this point be most important. In this moment of connection the encounter becomes embedded because it will leave an impression that is unlike no other.

Individually the work has been done. Together the chemistry is undeniable and best part, it is seen by all

If you are HE looking for I that will turn into WE, here I am. Where have you been?