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Men, don’t be afraid to allow yourself to be Hopelessly Romantic

When it comes to men and romance depending on who you ask and where he is in life will determine how he feels about the idea of being romantic.

There are some men who have no interest in romance. In some cases these individuals have been through so much until they have turned off their ability to allow themselves to be exposed to that type of vulnerability. The idea of being vulnerable and getting hurt is an avenue some men choose not to visit or revisit. In some cases these men are the ones who tend to have multiple women and are afraid of commitment. They go through the motions of a relationship but they tend leave a trail of heartache and despair.

On the other hand, there are men who are in a relationship and they have no problem showing their romantic side. These men have done the work and have decided not to allow, in some cases, a previous relationship that went wrong to define them. These men have also accepted their responsibility in their past bad relationships and have given themselves permission to move on. With this permission allows a man the ability to not only make better choices moving forward, it also gives him the confidence to know that the woman he chooses to be with will not only appreciate his romantic efforts but she will reciprocate his efforts as well.  

For the men who are on the fence about being romantic in their current or their next relationship, ask your-self, “Why not?”

On the list of romantic possibilities, holding hands for no reason, knowing she likes cupcakes and getting her one or two of her favorites and leaving them with a note that says, “Just because,” walking arm in arm on the beach, watching the sun set with a glass of wine or the sunrise with a good cup of coffee.

For those who don’t know, sex and romance are not the same.  When it comes to romance the things a man can do are endless. First, he needs to know the woman he is with. What is considered to be romantic to one woman may not necessarily be romantic to the next. How do you find out what she likes, just ask. If she doesn’t know what she likes you have three options, You can hang around and wait until she figures it out, you can help her figure it out or you can run.


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