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Write yourself a love letter for Valentine’s Day

Being single can be really tough around Valentine’s Day.

There are some individuals who hate the idea of being single around Valentine’s Day to the point where they would rather stay in bed and sleep through the day and pretend like it never existed. For them the thought of watching television or going out in public and looking at everything that pertains to love is really heart wrenching.

In order to get through this day individuals need to do something to get out of the possibility of a Valentine’s Day funk. What can they do? Instead of focusing on the fact that it is Valentine’s Day they need to turn the focus to themselves.

On Tuesday February 14, 2017 individuals need to show love to themselves. Prior to this day they should sit down and write a heart-felt letter to self.  This letter should be well thought out prior to completion. In it the focus should be on the all of the positive things that make them a great person. This letter should also focus on the fact that being alone on Valentine’s Day is not the end of the world. Instead it should be the beginning of a celebration of life, the love of self and how being single is not the end of the world.

Accepting your life where you are in this moment and being okay with it is only half the battle. Moving forward in a positive direction as a result of being single is the other half. On Valentine’s Day open your letter to self and read it out loud. As you listen to all of the great things you have written about yourself you will realize that the day you dreaded so much is not so bad because moving forward, Valentine’s Day  is all about you.