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What does your canvas show?

In our own way we are all artists.

When it comes to relationships we have the opportunity to paint a picture of ourselves in order to show the individual we are with or the person we want to be with exactly who we are. If you think about it when a person meets someone they start off with a blank canvas.

As a person gets to know the other individual they start to fill in the blanks of their canvas. Each moment is an opportunity to add another color to the blank surface. As time goes on the individual painting the picture starts to reveal exactly who they are through their self-portrait.

Your self -portrait is a clear picture of exactly who you are. What you reveal for others to see is entirely up to you. What picture do you want others to see? Are you willing to paint an honest picture of exactly who you are to show to someone else? Or, are you painting a picture with only what you want them to see?

Here is something to think about.

The blank canvas is only the beginning. A true artist paints from their heart only to reveal what is real. Are you a true artist? Or, are you only pretending to be?


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