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Living in the story you have created

In our own way we are all story tellers. Every day something happens In our lives and as a result the story we have created either continues on or it ends and as a result the start of a new story begins.

Whatís interesting about this is no one is exempt from storytelling. Everyone has a story. If you talk to different individuals depending on what has occurred in their life will determine how they will deliver their interpretation of the way things occurred.

For some, their made up story never ever ends. In their minds their life is a long list of occurrence after occurrence after occurrence. In cases like this these individual take little or no responsibility for what has occurred in their life and for them itís always someone elseís fault. To keep it simple, ďI am this way because.Ē

For some others the story telling is different. Their story is a clear count of what happened and what is happening but instead of placing blame on others they take responsibility for their own actions, they take responsibility for the decisions they have made, they take responsibility for the outcomes as a result of these decisions and they accept the consequences. How does one get to this point?

In order to get to this point where a personís story is about the present and not a continuation from the past one has to be present in their life. A person cannot live in a situation or situations that have occurred ten years ago. Staying in that moment that happened a year ago, five or ten years ago keeps a person trapped there and as a result the present is a continuation of what happened then. The bottom line, get over it and move on.

Creating a story about our life is easy to do. Accepting responsibility for our part in our story for some is not so easy to do. Where do you stand when it comes to telling your story? Are you constantly living in your past or are you present and taking responsibility for your decisions and for your destiny?

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