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Your Mind, your Body and your Spirit

In order to make it through our day to day life we have to deal with a lot.

For some life can become so overwhelming until individuals become lost on their journey to their best life. Along the journey a person should definitely be in tune with their mind, their body and their spirit.

Your Mind

In order to find clarity when it comes to making decisions that affect our day to day lives having a clear mind helps. For most having a clear mind is definitely easier said than done. Worrying about our bills, the high rent we have to pay here in the Bay Area, not to mention a car note, gas, groceries and health insurance among other things.

With an effort to take care of our responsibilities we go to work. For some there are multiple jobs. After a hard dayís work most people are too tired to think about anything but taking a hot shower, eating something quick and going to sleep so they can get up and do it all over again the next day.

In order to figure out how to navigate through your life with a clear mind, one has to take a long hard look at where they are at and where exactly they are trying to go. If necessary write it down so you can see it clearly on paper. Once viewed decisions must be made.

When a person actually takes the time to really look at their life and everything going on in it, some might look at and change nothing. On the other hand others may stop and ask themselves, ďWhat in the hell am I doing?Ē

At this point taking the time to clear the fog we call life issues and circumstances allows one to see where they stand. Seeing what is necessary and what a person is doing just because can make a difference in how a person thinks moving forward. Finding order improves our thinking. Finding order allows a person to rethink, rearrange and remove if necessary. With all of this a person that has a clear mind of exterior clutter helps them to stay focused and to make the best decisions for them in this moment and moving forward.  

Your Body

Our body is the house for our soul. It is also our own personal temple to nourish and to cherish as well.

For some taking care of their body is the last thing on their mind. They eat horribly, they donít exercise and in some cases people allow their body to be used in a way to get what we want from others. Some individuals would say we are living in a society where some see sex as a sport. With this mind set, it makes one wonder, what makes a person think itís a good idea to do that?

When you think about the ability to use your body as a too should come so easy. If you dig deeper into why some donít see the importance of cherishing their temple, their hurt is deep and there are some serious issues that need to be brought to the forefront and dealt with. Once their issues are addressed, hopefully their hurt is not beyond repair. A person looking to repair their mind in order to cherish their body is a great choice. This is also a bold step toward healing.

Healing ones mind is the necessary step in order to find balance and peace in ones life. If necessary take the time to acknowledge what is broken in order to move forward to accepting the beautiful gift that exists in the shell given to you.

Your Spirit

In an effort to break someone down people tend to attack the most important part of our being, their spirit.

For example, when you see people who are in what seems to be a bad relationship, look into their eyes. There you will see the untold story of whatís really going on in their life and with the person they are with.  Their pain is painted on a canvas internally which is exposed clearly if you look into their eyes.

In order to erase the disheartening picture on our internal canvas a person has to clear their mind of what has caused them so much pain.  This will allow ones spirit to be nourished by new positives which will enable the spirit to grow. As the spirit is allowed by an individual to be seen it will appear not as a hurt and wounded soul but as a ray of hope that inspires others.

Our decision to embrace the beauty of life and all it has to offer causes us to gravitate toward other like-minded individuals as well. Encouraging others is like a boomerang, it comes back to you.  Learning the importance of loving self, in its entirety, should be the goal for everyone.

Our minds, our bodies and our spirits connected by water allowing our true selves to flow effortlessly as long as we are given the opportunity to exist in this lifetime. This is a thought only few can imagine but it is something many should want to achieve.

Once the effort is made the beauty of you is realized and the new journey begins. Embrace the internal beauty which is you as seen through your eyes not only by you but to those who truly see into you as well.