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Chemistry is everything

When it comes to dating individuals pick people for different reasons. Some people go for the money. They wonít be with someone unless they make a certain amount of money. If your pockets arenít deep enough you will not get a second look. Some people go for looks. If a person doesnít have a certain body part, a certain type of smile, a certain skin tone or a certain race then there are some people who will just look the other way.

What really makes a person sexy? Depending on who you ask itís not about the money or the body part or the look, itís all about the chemistry.

Chemistry is something that two people can have that just is. They connect in a way that is on a different level. In some cases itís so powerful until everyone can feel it and see it. For example if you look at the chemistry between Rihanna and Drake itís undeniable. These two have crazy chemistry. It just so happens that they are both good looking, they are both individually talented and they both have their own money. In Rihannaís new video entitles ďWorkĒ featuring Drake its clear the chemistry is crazy. Weíre not sure if they are dating but with that kind of chemistry they should be. Talk about a power couple.

If you are a person who is dating then you know how crazy it can be. The dating world is a whirlwind of people looking for the right person to be with for right now and in some cases for the long haul. Depending on where a person is in their life will determine the type of person an individual is looking to date.

For those who focus on more than the superficial and look for something like amazing chemistry be patient. Amazing chemistry is not something you find every day. In some cases itís a once in a lifetime opportunity that just happens. All a person has to do is be ready for it when the opportunity comes.

 In the end a person should make sure the superficial reasons do not become the focal point for their search for a mate. Just like good looks and lots of money can come it can also be gone in an instant. Nine times out of ten when these things are gone the individual who chose for these reasons will be gone as well.