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Being single, being scared but being hopeful

It is no secret that we all have issues that we need to work on.

As individuals go through life, in some cases, some individuals tend to carry around a suitcase full of unpacked issues that need to be dealt with. As a result of the unpacked issues that are unpacked and left in a trail of the broken relationships people leave behind, the dating game has become a pool of individuals not only carrying around their issues but other individuals issues that they have picked up and packed up along the way as well.

In an effort to stop this vicious cycle of living in a world of chaos created by ourselves and others first a person has to stop and say, “Enough already!”

Saying “Enough” is a way to stop blaming other people for their mishaps and mistakes. Saying “Enough” is a way to stop running from their lies that are made to be their truths and saying “Enough” means stop not taking responsibility for their part of their current present. 

In our current present for some accepting less than to be in a relationship, in order not to be alone, is a way to cope.  At some point coping becomes a way of just giving up. Once a person gives up they relinquish the possibilities of that great relationship to come.

Hopefully individuals who are single (meaning not married or involved with someone and cheating, or divorced) will take an examination of self, reevaluate their ways and recreate themselves to be better from the core.

For those of you holding out for the possibilities it doesn’t mean you will not be challenged and tempted. Just remember when being tempted, not to take a bite from the apple and keep hope alive.