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There are so many individuals who go through their everyday life and allow others to determine how their day will begin, how the middle of the day will go and unfortunately, how their day will end. Once that one thing happens, for some, itís only downhill from there.

It is in these times a person can lose who they are. For some, they focus on that one thing all day and thatís it. We are all guilty because we have all done it.

What happens when you acknowledge what happened or what went wrong and then move on?  Hmmm! What a concept.

For so many of us what has happened yesterday, the day before, last week, last month, last year and so on takes over and becomes the focus of our life.  People should try to let go of the past and make tomorrow their focus. Focus on self and becoming the best you that you can be. Allow yourself to take the things of the past to drive you to whatís ahead. Whatís ahead should be your very best. The definition of you should only be defined by you. Not by your past circumstances and not by what someone else did to unfortunately change you.

If we all take a moment to stand and acknowledge the present, we will soon see that the definition of me is defined by I and not by the actions of others.